1. We will begin by listening carefully to your particular criteria and what you want and need in your new home. Since the list of what a buyer wants in a home often changes during the home buying process, we maintain an ongoing dialogue with you.

2. We will identify homes that meet your criteria through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), as well as through past listings that did not sell or may be temporarily off the market.  If we cannot find a home that meets your needs, we will contact homeowners of homes that meet your needs to determine if they are considering selling their home in the near future.

3. We will email listings of homes for sale to you for your review, or review the listings with you in our office for you to decide which ones you want to see. If you would like to drive by and do curb viewings on your own, we will route and map the listings for you. We preview listings and we know the inventory of homes for sale, so we can save you a lot of time once we learn what home features appeal to you.

4. If you want to skip Step 3 and have us pre-select homes for you, we will move directly to Step 5. We will work at your schedule and your pace.

5. Before we look at homes, it is wise for you to get prequalified with a lender. This enables us to know we are looking in the right price range. Please let us know if you need help in finding a lender please as we know who has the best mortgage rates and the best customer service.

6. We will make arrangements for you to view selected homes and will request a private viewing without the owner present.

7. After the first day of house hunting, we will determine if any of the homes we looked at are possibilities. If they are, then we will arrange a second appointment. If not, we will review your priorities to see if you want to broaden your criteria.  Alternately, we may need to wait for additional inventory to become available. We also will search for homes not currently on the market that might potentially be of interest.

8. When you select the home that you like the best, we will do a market analysis on the selected property so that you can make an informed decision about market value and what price to offer.

9. When possible, we will personally present the offer to the home seller in order to judge their reaction and best negotiate terms on your behalf.

10. Once we have mutual acceptance on your real estate purchase, we will open escrow (a neutral third party who handles the transfer of documents and monies involved in the closing of a real estate transaction) and prepare a transaction calendar so that you will know the subsequent steps that will take place, and the time frame within which to expect them. We have many resources available to us, such as links to local government, transportation, chambers of commerce and other services. Also find local neighborhood and school information and the opportunity to receive reports. Please do not hesitate to let us know when you need our help.  
11. We will write your offer on your house or condo subject to a structural inspection. We can provide a list of home inspectors or if you know someone that you prefer to use we will gladly work with that home inspector. We recommend an inspection on all properties, including new construction and condominiums. If issues come up during a home inspection, we can help you find the experts necessary to provide additional information or estimates for repair.

12. Once again, we will negotiate on your behalf to get home inspection issues resolved.

13. We will follow up with your lender, title, and escrow companies to make sure that they send the documents to underwriting, order the appraisal and send documents to the escrow company on time.

14. If you would like, we will arrange a walk-through of the home prior to closing to ensure that the property is in the condition it was when you made the offer and that any agreed upon repairs or changes have been made.

15. We will do everything we can to make the home buying process as easy as possible. We want to make your home buying experience enjoyable and the transaction flawless. We believe that purchasing a home should be fun!

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